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1.Trusted Solutions.
      We provide trusted solutions for reliable product supply by understanding our clients’ needs and our suppliers’ capabilities.
      Our clients have come to rely on our team of expert seasoned professionals in trading, as well as logistics and documentation. This has significant value in international trade and elicits trust from our business partners.
      We are committed to our clients’ development and success. We work with dedicated manufacturers and packers to provide the exacting service and quality that our clients have come to rely on. We look for new challenges and respond positively to the ever changing climate within the food industry.
      Likewise, our service providers enable us to extend unparalleled service, reliability and competitive rates to our valuable clients. We will not compromise on service or quality. Our business is built on trust, long-standing relationships and sustained commitments to our clients.
2.Export Experience
     We offer a full and comprehensive range of services to distributors, contractors and manufacturers, primarily of adult&kids bicycle related products around the world.
The experience we have garnered over the years enables us to provide seamless export services which allow for timely trouble-free delivery of goods to our clients. Our meticulous documentation including correct and advance delivery certificates has been a hallmark of our complete commitment to each client over the decades.
      In addition to client requirements, we ensure that products being delivered comply with the country of import requirements with regards to Marking & labelling, parameter information, safety standards and relevant certification.
      Facilitate and conduct manufacturer factory visits, audits, certifications, inspections and risk-assessments. If our client do not conduct by themself,we will do the exact audits to make sure each factory is qualified.
4.Supply Chain Management & Logistics
      The relationships we have established over the years with our network of supplier