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Leader's speech
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Hello everyone, welcome to our website! As a newcomer to the industry, Qi Ruite started from a high starting point and devoted itself to the research and development of automotive air-conditioning rubber hose products. For this reason, the company invested heavily in the introduction of domestic advanced production lines and special testing equipment for hoses, hiring domestic influence. The three engineers of Lili are the core of the company's R&D and technical guidance. On this basis, the company has established a high-quality production team with more than 50 senior technicians and more than 200 workers. The company occupies an area of ​​35,000 square meters, and the various conditions have given the company a generous production space and achieved the company's cutting-edge innovation and development capabilities.
Qi: Meiyu, representing the company's honest and trustworthy personality and the perfect quality of the company's products;
Rui: Shenming, Tongda, representing the company's vision of excellence, insight into the world's ambitions and the extraordinary wisdom of product development and innovation;
Special: On behalf of the company adheres to the scientific and technological development of enterprises, the new style of new products to pursue new and unique style.
With a new concept, Qiruite will stand up to the forest of China's rubber industry with a brand-new attitude. Qiruite is willing to work together with friends from all walks of life to create Chinese products and world brands!