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The company attaches great importance to the quality of products and after-sales service work, the product's commitment to service is:
1. Focus on the customer, depending on the quality of life for the enterprise, strictly investigated the behavior of the interests of customers harm.
2. The company's products quality "Three Guarantees".
3. The company from the technical, production, quality control and other departments to mobilize the spirit of professional training, set up a dedicated after-sales service team, at any time to respond to users around the country after-sales service request, and set up to the sales company after-sales service department as the center, the country The regional business manager, including after-sales service network to ensure full-service after-sales service to users.
Service brand connotation
 Service slogan: ANGLI BICYCLE service from time to time.                                          Service objectives: customer-centric, implementation of overtime and premium services.  
 spirit of service: depending on the customer's time is more valuable than gold.           Service requirements: simple and accurate and timely.
Spirit of service
The spirit of service as "as the customer's time is more valuable than gold"
Is to ask the staff at all times for the sake of users, timely solution to the problems of equipment, a clear user's time is the money of this truth. ANGLI services to all over the country's 160 agents and 30 offices as the basis, the formation of a sound after-sales service network, equipped with adequate after-sales service vehicles, the establishment of more than 1,500 service engineers team, hotline, computer ERP information Management system, the company's development, production, sales and other departments to give priority to meet the needs of services, thus ensuring the implementation of the spirit of service.
Service purposes                          
Service aims to "create value for customers"                   
Clear users to buy ANGLI products, the pursuit of the product to bring him the benefits and value. Through our services to guide users to master the use, maintenance, and other capabilities, so as to provide security for the user's security.
Service slogan                        
Service slogan for "ANGLI service, always everywhere"               
The user feels the ANGLI service that is ubiquitous and ubiquitous.
Service target
Service objectives for the "customer-centric, the implementation of overtime and premium services"
Around the customer, ANGLI service to carry out customer training, technical advice, customer visits, key customer service, so that customers feel not only to buy products, but to buy a package, perfect service.
Service requirements
Service requirements "simple, comprehensive, accurate and timely"
On the service staff of the character requirements, to ensure that the initiative to contact customers, with the fastest speed, the best way to service products, the implementation of comprehensive, timely and efficient service for users to win time and create efficiency. Service requirements of the content, it is the spirit of service, purpose, slogan and the interpretation of the target.