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Lixia (one of the twenty-four solar terms)

Lixia (one of the twenty-four solar terms)

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Lixia, the seventh of the twenty-four solar terms, is the first solar term of the summer season, and is celebrated on May 05-07 of the Gregorian calendar. At this time, the handle of the Big Dipper points to the southeast, and the sun's yellow longitude reaches 45°. The almanac: "The dipper points to the southeast dimension, for the beginning of summer, everything grows up here, so the name is also the beginning of summer." At the beginning of summer, everything flourishes. After the beginning of summer, the sunshine increases, the temperature gradually rises, and the thunderstorm increases. Lixia is an important festival that marks the beginning of the peak season for the growth of everything. 
Lixia means to establish, to begin. Xia means big in ancient language. All things have grown up by this time, so it is named Lixia. Due to the vast area of China and the large span between the north and the south, the natural rhythm varies from place to place. At this time of the year, only the areas south of the line from Fuzhou to Nanling show the summer scene of "the green trees are thickly shaded and the summer day is long, and the buildings are reflected in the pond", while some areas in the northeast and northwest have just the breath of spring at this time.
On this day, many places have the custom of eating "summer rice", eggs, weighing people and tasting three new things. At the beginning of summer, people's metabolism is accelerated and the blood supply to the heart and brain is insufficient, which often makes people restless and lazy. It is important to arrange work and rest time reasonably, replenish nutrients and take proper health care methods.