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Qiruite will hold a unique product to stand in the new rubber industry in China.

Qiruite will hold a unique product to stand in the new rubber industry in China.

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The company has invested heavily in the introduction of Beijing Tsinghua production line and hose testing equipment with advanced technology, and established cooperation and mutual assistance relationship with Beijing Tsinghua University. It employs three influential engineers in the domestic automotive air conditioning tube industry. As the core of the company's R&D and technical guidance, the company has established a high-quality production team with more than 50 senior technicians and more than 200 workers.
The company has many years of management experience, in the production management, quality supervision, personnel coordination, logistics and transportation, equipment maintenance and maintenance, etc., the division of labor is clear and closely combined, each team has a strong professional standard, the company covers an area of ​​35,000 square meters, All kinds of conditions have made the company's cutting-edge innovation and development capabilities, giving the company generous production space and excellent after-sales service. The company has the prototype of modern production. The production process is computerized, the production operation is intelligent, and the quality inspection is programmed. The company's products have reached the relevant industry standards in Japan, Europe and the United States. The main products are automobile air conditioning pipes, rubber oil pipes, water pipes, diesel locomotive hoses, knitting hoses, and winding hoses. , cloth cloth hose, braided hose and other series of hundreds of different specifications of products and various hose assemblies.
The products are widely used in small cars, large passenger cars, heavy trucks, agricultural machinery, petrochemicals, etc. They are sold well in various provinces and regions of the country, and some are exported to the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia. Now they have established friendly cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises. The rubber hoses produced by the company are soft, soft and smooth, high temperature resistant, easy to operate, long life and non-expansion, and are praised by the hose industry.